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HusNumber of guestsType of arenas and roomsService and services
Campus Valla Linköping
Party: up to 1250. Seating: 120-420 guests. Pub: Up to 150 guests, more outside.Areas for pubs, restaurant kitchens, areas for dance floors and events.Rental of bench sets, grills, wardrobe parts, bar parts.
Ryds Manor Ryd
Conference/meetings: 15-150 people.
Event/party: up to 400 people. Seating: up to 120 people.
Large hall with stage, library, conference room, pub area entrance floor.Full service, conference, catering, event and party.
The collective Ågatan Linköping citySeating: up to 375 people.
Meetings/meeting rooms: up to 495 people.
The Forum Theater: 495 people.
Event/party: up to 1250 people.
Three sitting rooms/party rooms/dance floors which are also meeting rooms. One of the halls has a large fixed stage. Forumteatern is the largest venue/cinema with the possibility of lectures, performances and shows.Full service, events and parties.
Campus US Linköping
56 people sitting at a table.
Max 100 people in the room.
Large hall that can be rented out for your own events.Equipped restaurant kitchen, crockery and glass. Kårservice offers catering from Ryds Manor house for events on Örat.
Trappan Kåkenhus NorrköpingParty: 600
optimal for Puben 80
Club 120.
Two large halls suitable for pubs, seating and dance floors as well as conference rooms.Full service, conference, catering, event and party.
KårhusettMeeting room: 5-40
Other events in consultation with the property manager.
Conference room and association room.Rental of association rooms, Kombo's lending hub and Student Housing's hub.
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