Kårservice which runs Studentlivet.se is an independent limited company owned jointly by the three student unions at Linköping University. The mission from the owners, i.e. the students, is to together create meeting places for a world-class student life! With this in mind, we are not an "ordinary" for-profit company whose goal and ambition is to make a lot of money. But our goal is to constantly make conscious choices that allow us, together with students and partners, to create the best possible student benefit for the students.
To do that, we need to work together with others, who can help us financially but also in terms of activities. Below we have listed our partners with whom we focus on creating student benefits and a world-class student life!







In Norrköping, we want you as a student to enjoy yourself. Regardless of whether you have moved here, commute or have been a resident of Norrköping since childhood. For the municipality of Norrköping, LiU and Campus Norrköping are an important component and part of the city's identity. As a student, you contribute to filling the city with life, soul and pulse. Without students, Norrköping almost stops. But even after your studies, you as a former student are just as important to Norrköping and the surrounding area. Well-educated people are exactly what Norrköping and Östergötland need, now and in the future. If you stay, there is so much to experience and do in Norrköping. We are proud of culture and entertainment, nature, food, sports and music. But above all, we are proud of the people in Norrköping.

The municipality of Norrköping cooperates with Kårservice for the simple reason that the students and LiU Campus Norrköping mean very, very much to Norrköping. On our website Visit Norrköping you will find more information about Norrköping.

Norrköping Science Park (NOSP) is Norrköping municipality's own innovation office and works in three different profile areas; visualization, printed and organic electronics and efficient logistics. Thanks to our broad network, we can connect companies, the public sector and academia with the aim of creating social benefit and a sustainable future.

One of NOSP's missions is to reduce the distance between students and business and through cooperation support student life in various ways. NOSP arranges ex-job and recruitment fairs, lunchtime lectures and study cottages. Norrköping Science Park's collaboration with Kårservice also means that NOSP increases its visibility and presence on Trappan as of the year 2022.

Read more norrkoping.se.

Skill is a modern skills company with a wide range of services in recruitment, staffing, HR services and skills development. We have a strong customer base in technology and industrial companies as well as in IT and tech. We want to be a link between education and working life, together with Kårservice we develop the contact between you students and the Östgöt employers.
Through an increased presence at the university, we want to create added value for students on their way out into working life.

The right people, in the right place, can change everything - and when people grow, businesses grow. Read more at skill.se.

East Sweden is a brand that is used to profile our growth region and attract visitors, residents and businesses to the region. Region Östergötland is responsible for the work with East Sweden in close cooperation with, among others, the business community, the municipalities, Linköping University and the Eastern Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Östergötland is a high-tech region, with lots of small and large companies in various industries. A dynamic mix of excellence, above all in five specific areas of strength. There, the growth is extra strong and there we have well-established companies and world-leading research. Those areas are Visualization, simulation and image analysis, Efficient logistics, Environmental benefit as a business, Connected products and systems, and Advanced materials.

As a student, you should feel warmly welcome here. You are important to us. The companies in East Sweden are constantly looking for new talent and therefore we want to reach you who are studying and will soon be ready for working life. Maybe you are one of the region's future rising stars!
We hope you will enjoy yourself here and that you will want to stay. In our region there are exciting and challenging jobs, everything from large international companies to innovative start-up companies. Here there are all possibilities in professional life, but also when it comes to living and creating a life with family and leisure activities. You can live in an apartment in town, in a house next to a lake or with the boat outside the knot in the archipelago and still be close to your work. Welcome!

Read more about everything we have to offer eastsweden.se

Sweden's aviation capital. The city where the heart of Göta Kanal and the biggest attraction Bergs Slussar is located. The hometown of Mons Kallentoft's famous books "The Seasons". Linköping is the city that is big enough to have most things, but small enough to be close to everything. Whether you're a fun-seeker who wants the pulsating city life or a nature lover looking for countryside with plains, lakes and canals, there's something for you within close proximity. Linköping Municipality offers a world of opportunities for students at LiU, and is an important partner for Kårservice. Linköping municipality enables several valuable investments and activities that create student benefit for the individual and the association at Linköping University.

Read more linkoping.se.

UCS Group – We grow together

UCS is a group with several companies under the same umbrella that stands ready to simplify, improve and ensure with uniquely tailored offers within our six areas of operation that span:

Business systems and services in finance, payroll and HR
Digitization, data analysis and AI
Business development
Industrial IT
IT products and IT services
IT and information security

When a company is doing well, so are its owners, investors, and employees. This creates a positive atmosphere with forward thinking and growth. The group's parent company has a clear growth focus and helps the subsidiaries to develop and become even more talented in their respective areas of operation. From the parent company's perspective, this is done primarily by leveraging synergies between the group's subsidiaries and through support in finding suitable acquisition objects that can supplement and broaden the subsidiaries' offerings.

The clear focus on growth within all UCS Group companies means that we are constantly on the lookout for and want to recruit the sharpest employees. We think that our cooperation with Kårservice and student life is an important enabler both for us but also for outstanding students. Welcome to get to know us better and explore the career opportunities within the UCS companies. Read more at ucs.se.

The university conducts world-leading, cross-border research in close cooperation with business and society. The university has 35 students and 900 employees at four campuses who together seek answers to today's complex questions. The students are among the most sought after on the labor market and according to international rankings, LiU is among the best in the world. Cooperation between LiU and Kårservice is self-evident as the common interest of the student is of the highest priority.

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As a student, it is important to feel comfortable and representative in various contexts. Our range of professional clothing and workwear is tailored to suit both individual preferences and institutional needs. We strive for high quality and style, while offering competitive prices that fit student budgets.

Whether it's to create a uniform look for your student team, or to represent your student association in a professional manner, Profiles is your reliable partner. We're here to make the purchasing process simple and efficient, so you can focus on what's most important – your student life.

By Kårservice exclusive agreement with Profilerna gives all sections, corps and associations at LiU the opportunity to buy profile articles, ovvar, prints and merch at student prices, contact Profilerna, anton@profilerna.se to hear more about student offers

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