About us

Kårservice i Östergötland AB is owned by the three student unions at Linköping University. We are an independent company that runs the housing operations in the six union houses, the students' tenant association Kombo and our digital platform studentlivet.se. Our mission and vision is to together with all LiU students create meeting places for a world-class student life! We are not for profit, but the surpluses are reinvested in the business and in student benefit.

Om Kårservice

On Kårservice we have about 25 employees, some of whom are temporary employees for a year at a time, and others are permanent employees. Together with our 700 non-profit workers, we ensure that students can meet in safe union houses.

Our businesses that the students meet are the six housing businesses, Kombo and our digital platform Studentlivet.se. In the house operations, the majority of all employees and those involved are found, and this is the largest area. Kombo and Studentlivet.se are smaller areas. To help them, the businesses have support functions in the form of a service office.

The outside world and Kårservice

We operate at the university and have good relations with both LiU and our municipalities, where there is a lot of collaboration. In addition to cooperation with the public actors, we also have partnership agreements with some companies.

Sustainability work

Sustainability is an important part of Kårservice business and organization, and we work based on some cross-cutting areas of sustainability.

  • Social sustainability
  • Ecological/environmental sustainability
  • Financial and organizational sustainability
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