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These are the available jobs and positions that we currently have:

There are no vacancies at the moment.

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Kårservice is a unique professional organization owned by the student unions with the task of coordinating and organizing student life at Linköping University. Our mission is to create student benefits and a world-class student life.

We stand for the long-term structure so that the non-profit organized student life has a foundation to stand on and can grow and function over time.

Always based on our core values, we work to be nice, committed and flexible - it should be fun to work with and with us, both as an employee and as a non-profit. And the experience of having been able to work in such a way, with joy and commitment, often becomes an unexpectedly valuable beacon throughout the entire working life afterward. In addition, you can make many good friends and genuine contacts, who know how good you are to work with.

Sustainability on all levels is central to us. We manage, but also need to constantly change and develop the business to keep up with our target group of approx. 32 students.

Feeling inspired by this? Then we want to work with you!