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Nonprofit engagement for students - Create meaningful experiences and enrich your student life

As a student at Linköping University (LiU), you have the opportunity to make a significant impact on both your own experience and that of others by getting involved in a non-profit way. Participating in volunteer projects or non-profit associations is not only a rewarding and meaningful occupation, but also a great opportunity to develop skills, make contacts that can become good references, and improve your CV. Here are some inspiring and concrete advantages of getting involved as a non-profit student.

  1. Personal development
    Volunteering gives you the opportunity to grow as an individual, both personally and professionally. You will develop skills such as problem solving, communication, leadership and conflict management, which will make you more attractive to future employers and enhance your CV.
  2. Build your network
    By volunteering, you will meet like-minded people and make important contacts in various industries and sectors. These contacts can be valuable for your future career and personal life, as well as create a strong sense of community and belonging.
  3. Create a positive impact
    Getting involved as a non-profit means that you can make a direct difference in the lives of others and contribute to improving your surroundings. Whether you're helping with local events, supporting social initiatives or getting involved in environmental issues, your work will have a positive impact on both yourself and society at large.
  4. Improve your student life
    Non-profit involvement can be an excellent balance to studies and offer relaxation and fun experiences. By participating in volunteer projects and non-profit activities, you get the opportunity to experience new challenges, have fun and create lifelong memories.
  5. Explore your interests
    Volunteer in areas that interest you and explore new interests. This gives you the chance to discover what really engages you and maybe even find your future career path.

So don't hesitate - take the step and get involved voluntarily as a student at LiU! It will not only enrich your student life, but also create positive changes for yourself and society at large. Who knows, it could turn out to be one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences of your life – and it has been for too many students already. 

Links to the different union houses' job pages!

If you feel you want to get involved in some way but don't know where or how you can fill out a form here, then contact us for a richer student life - where your involvement makes a difference!

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