Safe corps houses

The collective, Kårallen, Ryds Herrgård, Trappan, Örat and Kårhusett are Kårservice's six clubhouses at Linköping University owned by the three clubs, Consensus, LinTek and StuFF. Kårservice is responsible for operation and safety in the clubhouses. Corps service works closely with the corps and the students and together we help create the conditions for student life to be as good and safe as possible for everyone. Kårhusen has zero tolerance towards abusive treatment, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination.

During all events with us, Kårservice and our staff work to ensure that all visitors have fun and feel good in the kår houses right up until Stad i Ljus.

Should a situation that feels unsafe arise, there is a day manager/serving manager on site who you can contact directly. They have sweaters or shirts that show who they are.
You can contact the bars to be referred to the person responsible for the evening.
During nightclub operations, there are guards on site for your safety who are happy to help in all situations.

If you do not want or have the opportunity to contact the person in charge directly, you can fill in the form Kårhusen's security form. If you want, we will contact you and help you further to get the help and support you need. We are also grateful for your input if something feels unsafe in general so we can work to make it safer.Kårhusen and Kårna collaborate with Student Health at LiU. If you as a student feel that you need someone to talk to, they can be of great help! You can find information about Student Health here.

Knowledge and guidelines
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At our union houses we follow Swedish alcohol law, this means that you must not get too drunk, bring your own alcohol into our club houses and not behave in a disruptive manner. 

All clubhouses comply with the alcohol law and apply responsible alcohol serving at every event. Water stations are always available, use them!
Read more about the alcohol law here!

Unsafe behavior

If someone causes an event that endangers the safety of someone, one or more of the following measures are taken:

  • Rejected for the evening by the person in charge and/or guard
    • This means that you are not welcome for the rest of the evening, but are welcome on other evenings.
  • Yellow card
    • This means that you will receive a physical card in the hand of the person in charge/guard. You will be rejected for the evening and future evenings at all clubhouses until you have contacted the responsible Operations Manager at the relevant clubhouse. When contacting the Operations Manager, a meeting is booked for further information.
  • Police report

More information about porting is available HERE

Policy for the student reception 

In order to ensure good quality and further development of the reception activities, the student unions have chosen to draw up a joint policy for how the reception activities should be carried out. You can find it here.

Trainings on the web
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The Dare to care initiative

Dare to care is an initiative together with RFSU with the aim of providing student life visitors and organizers with tools in the form of information, communication and education to prevent and prevent sexual harassment. 

Kårservice stands behind the initiative together with the three student unions; Consensus, StuFF and LinTek, Förenade Festerier in Linköping and Norrköping and Student Health.

Read RFSU's article on Dare to Care in student life at LiU

Graphic material for campaigns
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There is material for you to download, for a party, gathering or meeting, which you are welcome to set up and spread - the more of us who dare to care, the safer student life we ​​will have.

Graphic material Dare to Care

Graphic material Drug Free Campus

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