Our sustainability work

On this page you can read about Kårservice's sustainability work and our responsibility for, among other things, party activities. Kårservice, which is owned by the 3 corps and works to offer student benefits in various contexts, constantly works with sustainability work and for us, sustainability is not only about climate and environmental issues, but also about our various party activities, and sustainable partying.

Below you can read more about our various sustainability projects.

This page is under construction and will be filled as we develop our operations.

Swedish meat

One of the many advantages of visiting our club houses is that you, as a guest, know that you can always buy good food and a hot cup of coffee. We focus a lot on sustainability when it comes to what we serve? We offer, among other things, coffee that is both organic and fair trade, Swedish meat and other locally produced ingredients to the extent that we can.

2030 Agenda

Kårservice, which is owned by the 3 corps, has a pronounced focus and work forward, to constantly think about sustainability and make conscious choices that protect the environment and our students and people in our vicinity. To make the work concrete, we have chosen to look at the UN's 17 Global Goals, and work with Agenda 2030 in our daily operations but also at a strategic level in the management team and among the managers at Kårservice.

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Safe corps houses

The collective, Kårallen, Ryds Herrgård, Trappan, Örat and Kårhusett are Kårservice's six clubhouses at Linköping University owned by the three clubs, Consensus, LinTek and StuFF. Kårservice is responsible for operation and safety in the clubhouses. Corps service works closely with the corps and the students and together we help create the conditions for student life to be as good and safe as possible for everyone. Kårhusen has zero tolerance towards abusive treatment, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination.

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