Welcome to Kårservice at Linköping University!

Linköping Universitets logga på en husvägg med gröna löv i förgrunden

About Kårservice

Kårservice is an independent company owned by the three student unions at Linköping University. We run the five union houses as well as the students’ tenant association Kombo. Our mission is to create meeting spaces together with the students, for a world class student social life. We are a non-profit company, meaning that the profits are reinvested in the company in order to create value for the students.

Linköping Universitets logga på en husvägg med gröna löv i förgrunden

We are about 25 people employed at Kårservice: some are employed for a year, and others are permanently employed. Together with our 700 volunteering students, we make sure that the students can meet at our safe union houses. The parts of the operations that students come in contact with are the five houses, Kombo and our digital platform Studentlivet.se. 

In the union house operations you’ll find the majority of the employees and volunteers as this is the biggest area of operations. Kombo and Studentlivet.se are smaller operations. Helping these areas there are supporting roles collected in the backoffice. 

Kårservice and the surrounding world

Kårservice operates at Linköping University and we have good relationships with the university as well as the municipality of Linköping and the municipality of Norrköping. We also have some partnerships with private companies. 


Sustainability is a core principle of the operations and goals of Kårservice, and we work with these three areas that transverse the company:

  • Social responsibility
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Financial and organizational sustainability