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A world-class student life

Right now we are closed for the summer but will open up for study places and activities at the beginning of August

Kårservice is an independent limited company owned jointly by the three student unions at Linköping University. Our mission is to, together with all LiU students, create meeting places for a world-class student life!

Kårservice responsible for the operations in the union houses Kårallen, Örat, Kollektivet, Ryds Manor house in Linköping as well Trappan in Norrköping.

Reversed fair - You gain knowledge and contacts and at the same time contribute to a vibrant student life

Kårservice invites you to the Reversed Fair, a reversed fair that gives the opportunity to meet sections from Linköping University and talk about the skills of the future. Stay up to date on tickets and further information on our LinkedIn or on studentlivet.se

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Studentlivet.se for the student!

Studentlivet.se was launched in autumn 2021 to collect all information and make it easier for the student to navigate Linköping University's student life. Information is gathered here about hundreds of different events that take place by and/or for the students. Over 150 associations gathered, information about accommodation, career enthusiasts and new exciting projects. Whether you are a new or old student - studentlivet.se is a platform for you!

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Six Kårhus. Six meeting places.

We run six clubhouses in two cities. Each house has its own character and offers opportunities for events and meetings.


Kombo is the students' own tenant organization. We are a free tenant organization for you as a student at Linköping University. We have the right to negotiate for the tenants, we support with legal advice, with finding housing and organizing local housing councils.


Student unions and membership

Union service acts on directives from the student unions. As a member of a student union, you participate in and own Kårservice, which gives you membership benefits at the union houses. Influence your study time, become a member of your union today!

Vacancies and jobs

We are an organization in constant motion and sometimes need reinforcement. Click here to see vacancies and us and other employers, and non-profit assignments!

Work with us or others!

There are no vacancies at the moment.