Kårservice is the student unions’ own service organisation at Linköping University. We are a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, owned by the three student-unions StuFF, LinTek and Consensus.

Our mission is to provide administrative assistance to the student unions as well as cost-effective and professional service to the about 29.000 students in Linköping and Norrköping.

You are alwas welcome to join us in the five student union houses. 


If you are a new exchange student or a master student just arriving to Sweden, your first step is to visit the International Office

The best way of taking the first contact if you are an exchange student is to send an email to: intco@liu.se

ESN (Erasmus Student Network) will support you and help you make your time in Sweden unforgettable!

Student housing

Do you need help to find some place to stay during your studies? Contact the students’ own tenant association KOMBO

Join your students union

StuFF   LinTek   Consensus

If you do choose to join your student union, your membership-fee will be used to pay for the discounts and benefits you receive at all student union buildings in Norrköping and Linköping, and to support all the work performed by the student unions.

Without your membership, there would be no student union buildings, nor anyone who can speak in your interest with those who decide at LiU. A large part of your student fees goes also directly to your section, who ensures that you have a pleasant atmosphere in your program and that all students have a direct channel to the programs senior master and others who decide about your program.
Please contact your student union with your comments, questions and thoughts on how we can do an even better job!

Join and pay online!

You can  join your student union and pay the fee online.

The LiU-card

Is also your discount-card, Mecenat

SJ-and SAS-discount

In order to get student discounts on trains and airline tickets, SAS and SJ basically requires that you study full-time throughout the semester. This also includes studies by 75% over the whole semester or full time studies during 15 weeks.

These rules are set by SAS and SJ and the payment of student union fee does therefore not automatically entitled to traveling discount. The discounts are a benefit for you as a student in Sweden.


Kårservice, in co-operation with LHC (Linköping Hockey Club), is offering student discount on tickets for LHCs matches in Saab Arena. The tickets are sold through the student union offices in Kårallen for matches in Linköping according to the schedule.

Conditions for tickets with student discount

-The ordinary price per ticket is 100 SEK if you are a member of the student union and 120 SEK if you are not a member. The prices for any final matches during the spring can be higher.

-We have 200 tickets to every mach, of which 92 are seating places. First one in place gets to sit.

-The tickets are sold in the student union office in Kårallen and we can unfortunately not reserve tickets.

-You most be able to show your student identity card both when you buy the tickets and at the game. Spot checks will be made. If you don’t have a student id card, you risk not being able to watch the game.

-Please observe that the ticket is a document of authenticity. A lost or damaged ticket can therefore not be traded in for a new one. Bought tickets are not redeemed.